MCI technology is unique in that we utilize cardboard on edge and combine it with polymers to create a functional, versatile, beautiful and sustainable building product. The manufacturing process is low-cost, easily-scalable, low energy-intensive and sustainable.

Supply Partners

If you are a business which generated bunch of straight, dry and preferably big sheets of cardboard, and you are located within 7.5 Mile radius from Somerville MA, and you want your cardboard to be picked up. Please contact us through this link.


Technology Partners

There are a wide range of complimentary materials and/or systems available now, and projected in the future, that may be integrated into MCI process. This opens opportunities for strategic alliances and partnerships with fabricators and/or distributors of such materials. We are looking forward exploring next generation of polymeric materials (i.e. bio-polymers and Nano-polymers) to increase functionality and usability of our core technology.

Licensing Partners

A licensee of MCI technology will be able to turn a liability into an asset by creating a value-added product from what was previously seen as a waste material. Licensees may include manufacturers of specific products and companies that have an already existing source of OCC, companies looking to adopt a value-added solution for managing their OCC stream. MCI license may be defined by particular application, product, demographic, or industry.

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