MetaComb Composite structural insulated panels

MetaComb™ material (MCM) is an excellent construction material, as it is well suited for interior, exterior, structural and non-structural building applications.


Interior load bearing partition

Modular Structure Assemblies

Acoustical wall system

Acoustical floor system


High Strength / Weight ration

Panels can be made extra thick (up to 7``)

Works as a drop in replacement

Easily integrated into existing system

Works great in compliment with other materials

Wide range of Product Options

Easily Customizable

Panel Thickness:

Inches                     Millimeters

  • 0.75                  19.05
  • 1                        25.4
  • 1.5                    38.1
  • 2                       50.8
  • 3                       76.2
  • Custom Up to 7″

Core Options:

Сorrugated type/grade:

  • High recycled content
  • High virgin content
  • Mixed

Core configuration:

Straight :

  • Vertica, Horizontal, Diagonal
  • n=2″, 2.25″,3″, custom
  • Custom Configuration

Material Options Include:

  • Polymer Face Sheet on facing side only
  • Polymer Face sheet on both, facing and back side of the panel
  • One side is primed for lamination
  • Laminated with another material
  • Engeneered with an Application Specific Polymer

Surface Texture Options:

  • High Gloss
  • Low Gloss
  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Custom Texture

Edge Treatment Options:

  • Finished Edge
  • Treated Edge

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