MetaComb Inc.

MetaComb Inc. , is a developer of highly functional, beautiful and sustainable building materials and products, and the manufacturer of MetaComb™ material (MCM), a corrugated honeycomb core composite for use in building and other applications.

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Product Description

MetaComb™ material (MCM) is a honeycomb paper-core composite made from repurposed corrugated cardboard. Up-cycling is repurposing a waste-bound material or product into a feedstock for production of another product without the need for destructive processing.

MCM’s unique set of characteristics include high strength/weight ratio, load-bearing and shock-absorption capacity, offers good thermo-insulation, and is water impermeable. Moreover, MCM is translucent, and because of its pleasing aesthetics may be used in decorative as well as industrial/functional applications. When compared to incumbents in the industry, MCM is produced at lower cost, and is more ecologically friendly.

MCM and derived thereof products may be easily engineered/integrated into an existing material and/or Building Systems. Furthermore, material handling does not require any additional training or skills then working with plywood, or composite panels.

MetaComb™ material  –  product description

MetaComb™ material (MCM) is available in panels, and sheets or tiles, and is offered in a variety of core grades, surface configurations and finished thicknesses ranging (1/4”-7”) Core grades and types include: 100% recycled content, mono-sorted, and 100% virgin pulp cardboard. Surface configurations include: straight (vertical/horizontal), hexagonal (macro-honeycomb) which

Choosing one geometric configuration over another is a matter of taste and/or a need for a particular aesthetic pattern or other function. For example, macro-honeycomb surface geometry not only provides a pleasing aesthetic, but offers supreme rigidity and toughness, and enables MCM to take loads in all directions, and to expand and contract evenly when managing humid/moist environments. Aside from grade, configuration and thickness, MCM panels may have varying surface finish, surface texture, edge add-on features  and hardware integrated options. Additional product options include selection of application specific polymers, system integration, as well as planning and control of the products life-cycle.

Low-cost, Easily-scalable, Low energy-intensive and Sustainable

The manufacturing process is low-cost, easily-scalable, low energy-intensive and sustainable. Material handling does not require any additional training or skills then those necessary for working with any other composite panel-board material.