There are obvious benefits associated with repurposing an environmentally troublesome waste material into a value-added, sustainable building material and product. MetaComb™ material is sustainable not only because it removes a significant waste stream and re-purposes it into its main feedstock, but also because it mitigates adverse environmental impacts by off-setting high resource-demanding traditional paneling material technologies.

There is a true need and demand for sustainable materials and products which are price and performance competitive when compared to traditional material technologies and products.

Problem! Why?

In construction, and across industries, there is a strong push to promote overall efficiency and responsible use of material resources. Result is high and growing demand for waste-aversive technologies and sustainable material alternatives– that consume minimal resources in their production, transport, and lifecycle.


Moreover, there is an even a bigger benefit from sourcing and using produced materials close to source. MetaComb™ material has the potential to be made at a very low cost from resources that are commonly available. The process is easily scalable and does not require substantial investments in manufacturing equipment. As a result, MetaComb™ has the potential to become a great local resource for sustainable construction materials and products which offer a combination of function, pleasing aesthetics and relative low cost.


Environmental & Socio-Economic


Upcycling waste into product of value. Great application for next generation of bio polymers. Processes local waste into feedstock.


A sustainable alternative material . Replaces heavy and non-renewable materials. Product lifecycle could be easily controlled. Produced close to end-user.

Liability into an Asset

Domestic manufacturer

Manufacturing green jobs

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