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MetaComb Inc. is a producer of MetaComb™ material, a honeycomb paper-core composite made from repurposed corrugated cardboard, and a developer of sustainable panel-board composites for use in building and in shipping.

MCI Technology

MCI technology is unique in that we utilize cardboard on edge and combine it with polymers to create a functional, versatile, beautiful and sustainable building product.

The main feedstock components are corrugated cardboard, which is ‘up-cycled’ main feedstock and application specific polymers.

The manufacturing process is low-cost, easily-scalable, low energy-intensive and sustainable.

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Low Cost
Lightweight & Strong
Thermal Insulator
Water Impermeable
Shock & Sound Absorbing
Variety of Surface Configuration
Great compliment to other materials
Easy to work with
Edge Treatment Options

Problem & Opportunity

A true need and demand for sustainable building materials and products which are price and performance competitive

Building Materials

Building Materials

In construction, and across industries, there is a strong push to promote overall efficiency and responsible use of material resources. Result is high and growing demand for waste-aversive technologies and sustainable material alternatives– that consume minimal resources in their production, transport, and lifecycle.

Corrugated Cardboard (OCC)

Corrugated Cardboard (OCC)

It takes 7000 gal. of water to recycle 9 cubic yards(1 ton) of OCC. By-product of processing OCC into lignin pulp is contaminated water toxic sludge consists of inks, glue dyes, and fibers get too small to be utilized water; this is compounded with resources involved in collecting, hauling, and ultimately recycling OCC.



  • Overabundant
  •  217 Trillion T. discarded
  • 38% not recycled
  • 7000G of water-1T. Paper
  • Energy-intensive in
    collecting, hauling and


Environmental & Socio-Economic


Upcycling waste into product of value. Great application for next generation of bio polymers. Processes local waste into feedstock.



A sustainable alternative material . Replaces heavy and non-renewable materials. Product lifecycle could be easily controlled. Produced close to end-user.


Liability into an Asset

Domestic manufacturer

Manufacturing green jobs


MetaComb™ Competitive Advantage

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